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Energy Monitoring
Smart Parking
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Smart Parking
Full analytic system will provide you necessary real-time data to energy monitoring. Maximize your electricity efficiency and reduce costs.


Technology offers real-time metrics, such us electricity, energy and environmental monitoring, water leakage detection and server room surveillance. A technology based on sensors, meters and a system that facilitates precise energy billing, consumption analysis, and allows the user to proceed into energy-saving strategies through analytics.
Billing System
27/4 Monitoring station
Cunsumption Analytics & Optimization

Save energy -
save money

Energy Optimization
Build energy audit, quantify use and misuse and optimise all process to improve your business performance
Costs Reduction
Save money and time through energy billing
Sustainable Future
Full data collection and integrations with automation systems to achieve sustainability objectives
Provide your users fast and efficient entry and exit and barrierless parking with the help of innovative highly-technological system.

Smart Parking

Make cost calculations faster - get more orders.
You can create your own books of reference in ArgoSmart which will help to quickly calculate costs
The ultimate smart parking solution that redefines the parking experience. Bid farewell to tickets and barriers as our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) parking system ensures swift entry and exit. Managing multiple parking spots becomes effortless with our maintenance-free technology, and our cloud-based platform enables seamless booking and payment. For added convenience, our system includes an access control system, which allows us to oversee operational and management details efficiently through the system’s database.
Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
Maintenance-Free Technology
Cloud-Based Platform and management
Mobile App

Experience parking like never before

User friendly
No tickets, clear signage and guidance, mobile apps and reservations
Easy to manage
Statistical analysis, data observation and monitoring, simplified reporting and centralised remote control
Customizable options, including access control systems and tailored configurations reducing operational costs
All-in-one system allows you to manage different aspects of your home using just a mobile app.

All-in-one SmartHome App

Make cost calculations faster - get more orders.
You can create your own books of reference in ArgoSmart which will help to quickly calculate costs
You can effortlessly control various aspects of your home, including lighting, blinds, A/C, hot water, central heating, and music systems, all from a single, user-friendly mobile app. Enjoy the convenience of managing your entire home with ease and efficiency. Elevate your living experience to a new level
Connected Living
Mobile App Interface
Remote Access

A seamless blend of convenience, energy, and security

Control Convenience
Make daily life more convenient by using unified platform controlling various aspects of your home
Long term Savings
Optimize energy usage and reduce the wear and tear on home systems to lower utility costs
Updates and Support
Regular updates and customer support can ensure that SensiPlus remains up-to-date, reliable, and responsive to user needs
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